Anemone blanda (Winter windflower)

Anemone blanda (Winter windflower) is a compact rhizomatous perennial that are cultivated by their 3 to 4cm flowers. The flowers can be blue, pink or white blooming in spring.

Common name: Winter windflower
Scientific name: Anemone blanda
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Winter windflower leaves are toothed dark green. It grows to 15cm high and quicky forms large clumps.

How to plant Anemone blanda (Winter windflower)

It should be planted in humus-rich, well-drained soil in a full sun or partial shade position.

Anemone blanda (Winter windflower) - quickly forms large clumps -
Anemone blanda (Winter windflower) – quickly forms large clumps

How to propagate Anemone blanda (Winter windflower)

Propagate by seed, sowing them when ripe. It can be also propagated by rhizomes division in summer when the plant is dormant.

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