Cornus alba ‘sibirica’ (Siberian dogwood)

Cornus alba ‘sibirica’ (Siberian dogwood) is a truly delight in any winter garden. This is a medium-sized shrub. It is deciduous and forms a thicket of slim red stems that can be planted to contrast with other plants or the snow during winter.

The leaves are green, ovate, and turn reddish in autumn. The flowers are small and white and produce berries.

Common name: Siberian dogwood
Scientific name: Cornus alba 'sibirica'
Plant type:
Foliage color: , ,
Flower color:
Stem color:
Fruit color:
Season of interest: ,
Sunlight: ,
Soil: , ,
Garden type: , ,
Planting type: , ,


Propagate by hardwood cuttings in autumn or winter.

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