Cornus florida f. rubra (Flowering Dogwood)

Cornus florida f. rubra (Flowering Dogwood) is a shrub appreciated by their flowers. They have four showy bracts white in the middle and white-pink in the border. The flowers appear in the end of Spring and are followed by red fruits.

Common name: Flowering Dogwood
Scientific name: Cornus florida f. rubra
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3 thoughts on “Cornus florida f. rubra (Flowering Dogwood)

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  2. Jim Cortese

    What does the f. in the scientific name mean?
    Cornus florida f. rubra
    Jim Cortese

    1. dearplants

      Hi Jim,

      Thank you for the question. That was a good one.
      The f. in scientific name of “Cornus florida f. rubra” means form (forma in latin). In botanical nomenclature, a form (forma, plural formae) is one of the “secondary” taxonomic ranks, below the variety, which in turn is below the species.
      I’m not an expert in botanic names, but for reference, please visit:


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