Hardy Cyclamens are spreading and low growing perennials that grow from underground tubers. They are very appreciated because they flower when there are few plants shining during winter months. Hardy cyclamen species are perfect plants to associate with other early-flowering woodland plants such as winter aconites, snowdrops and primroses. Cyclamens naturalize very well when planted in the ground forming extensive colonies with time and are perfect to plant under trees.

Common name: Cyclamen
Scientific name: Cyclamen
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How to plant

Cyclamens are star plants for containers and indoor cultivation. Plant them in well drained compost, or in standard compost mixed with grit to improve drainage.

How to naturalize cyclamens
How to naturalize cyclamens

They are also very easy to cultivate in the garden. Plant them 3-5cm deep in a partial shaded area. You can add some grit to the bottom of the hole to avoid them to rot. Remove the leaves when they die and mulch the soil.


Cyclamens are very easy to propagate by seed. When the flowers fade, they will form a capsule with several seeds inside. You just need to get them when the capsule starts to open. The seeds should be sown immediately in standard sow compost and grit in equal parts. Cover the container to reduce water evaporation and put it in a place at room temperature until the new plants are big enough to handle and transplant.

How to plant cyclamens
How to propagate cyclamens – flower color range



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