Garden tasks to do in May

Many of us recognize May as the best month of all to be in the garden. This article lists the garden tasks to do in May.

Make the most to take advantage of May warmer weather to start getting ready for summer. Your garden must be amazing by now, with bright spring bedding in flower and shrubs and trees in full leaf.

Now the weather is warming you should pay close attention to pests and diseases as they propagate fast. Use chemical control only as a last resource.
Keep the garden clean and keep the weeds under control as they start to compete with other plants for light, water and nutrients.

In the vegetable garden you should be now harvesting the first crops. To guarantee a continuous production of young vegetables through the summer, you should continue with regular sowing in two week intervals.

Water newly planted shrubs and trees if the weather is dry (pay close attention to windy days) they may need regular watering from May to September. Try to water in the evening when the temperature is low and the evaporation is reduced. This gives the plant the best chance to get plenty of water.

Take softwood cuttings from shrubs that are now producing plenty of new fresh shoots. This can be done until July when they will begin to ripen.

Vigorous shoots from climbers should be tied or pruned.

Clear spring flowering beds and prepare the ground to plant summer plants. After the old plants and weeds have been removed, fork the bed and take of any roots remaining.

Mow the lawn once a week as the grass is now growing well. From now on, this should be done on a regular basis.

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