Gomphrena globosa (Globe amaranth)

Gomphrena globosa, known as Globe amaranth is an herbaceous plant that produces decorative purple flowers. There are now several different varieties with flowers in different colors. The flowering occurs between mid summer to early autumn.

Common name: Globe amaranth
Scientific name: Gomphrena globosa
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Its leaves are oval-lanceolated, with hairy texture and light green coloration. It is versatile, having various landscape functions, and can be an alternative to compose flowerbeds and borders. In addition, the flower heads can be harvested and used as dried flower.

Gomphrena globosa (Globe amaranth) - flowers
Gomphrena globosa (Globe amaranth) – flowers

How to plant

Globe amaranth should be planted in fertile and well drained soil enriched with organic matter in a full sun position. It tolerates well the heat and the cold.


Propagation is done by seed.

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