Lantana camara (Lantana)

Lantana is a genus of perennial plants with about 500 species, native to India and native to the tropics of the Americas and Africa. Includes herbaceous plants and shrubs, reaching up to 2m in height.

Common name: Lantana
Scientific name: Lantana camara
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Lantana camara is usually cultivated in borders and massives by the colors of its flowers. The flowers are grouped in aromatic flower stems and bloom almost all year round. They feature various colors, especially red, yellow, orange and white. They are great plants to attract pollinating agents like butterflies and other types of insects.

Lantana camara attract buterflies to your garden
Lantana camara attract buterflies to your garden

How to plant

Lantana camara is a plant that does not require much care. In climates where winters are cold, the base of the plant can be protected with some anti-ice material. Before the growing season, Lantana must be heavily trimmed because it is very vigorous and you will rapidly lose control of its growth.

It enjoys hot and humid climate, sandy soil and rich in organic matter. It needs to be watered frequently after planting and also in the hottest time of the year. It is a full sun plant, the more sun, the more flowers it will produce.


It spreads at the peak of the growing season through the semi-hardwood cuttings.

Lantana berries are toxic to man and animals.

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