Limonium sinuatum (Statice)

Limonium sinuatum (Statice) is an herbaceous and very floriferous plant, originating in the Mediterranean region, which includes southern Europe, North Africa and some countries in the Middle East, where it grows in sandy mounts.

Common name: Statice
Scientific name: Limonium sinuatum
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The leaves arranged in rosette, basal, pinned with large lobes on each side, and covered by a rough pubescence. The inflorescences appear in the summer, and are terminal, erect above the foliage and supported by winged stems. The densely arranged flowers have a persistent texture with vibrant colors ranging from yellow, coral, blue or pink, according to the variety, and a delicate, light-colored corolla, which may be white , pink or yellow. A real surprise!

Statice, while it grows, is a plant without many attractions. There are those who say that it looks like weed. However, during a long flowering, it brings a show of flowers to the garden. For this reason, its use is indicated for borders, mixed with other species, in a more free and informal style, as in the “cottage” gardens. It looks very good also in rocky inspirational gardens. But what was so remarkable, so famous all over the world, was the fact that its flowers remained beautiful and colorful when drought, harvested for durable flower arrangements. If well dehydrated in the shade, and kept away from direct sunlight, its flowers will hardly fade. They can also be harvested as fresh cut flowers.

Limonium sinuatum (Statice) - how to plant

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