Salvia splendens (Scarlet Sage)

Salvia splendens (Scarlet Sage) is a plant that has a wide range of cultivated varieties with different heights from 15 cm to more than one meter.
The most common cultivars have bright red flowers, but there are also plants with white or purple flowers and bicolor flowers.

Scarlet Sage is a plant that blooms for an extended period of time and can easily be grown in borders and containers.
The medium to high varieties can be planted in combination with other flowers of smaller size around for a great arrangement.
Smaller varieties can be planted in the edges of borders or large planters, or they can form large groups of plants covering an area.

Common name: Scarlet Sage
Scientific name: Salvia splendens
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It is a hot climate lover plant, but it can grow in moderately low temperatures. Does not support frosts.


Plant Salvia splendens in direct sun positions but provide partial shade in warmer and exposed places during the hottest hours of the day.


The ideal is to keep the soil always moist, but without being soaked.


Salvia prefer well drained soils, fertile and rich in organic matter with a pH between 5.4 and 6.2.

Flowering season

In climates with cold winters scarlet sage is usually cultivated as an anual plant, it blooms mainly from late spring to autumn.
In regions with relatively mild winter, it can bloom throughout the year.

Cultivation cycle

Fire sage is often grown as anual in regions with cold winters, but they are perennial plants.


Propagate Scarlet Sage by seed. Sow seeds directly in the final location or in seed trays or other containers.
Sow lightly on moist soil, as the seeds need light to germinate. Seed germination usually occurs within three weeks.
Transplant to the final location when the seedlings have 2 to 4 real leaves.

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