Sedum spectabile (Stonecrop)

Sedum spectabile (Stonecrop) are succulent clump forming herbaceous perennials. From late summer until late autumn they bear heads of small star-shaped flowers making it a perfect plant to attract butterflies to the garden.

Sedum spectabile (Stonecrop) attracts butterflies -
Sedum spectabile (Stonecrop) attracts butterflies to the garden.
Common name: Stonecrop
Scientific name: Sedum spectabile
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How to plant Sedum spectabile (Stonecrop)

Grow Sedum in full sun positions. They prefer fertile, well drained soil. As they have succulent parts you immediately know they don’t like damp soil and are drought resistant. They are prone to roots rot if the soil doesn’t drain well. If your soil is heavy, add some grit to it to improve drainage before planting sedums.

Sedum spectabile (Stonecrop) flowers

How to propagate

Propagate Sedum by division in Spring. It can be also reproduced by softwood cuttings of non-flowering shoots in early summer.

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