Tulipa (Tulip)

How to plant

Tulips should be planted from the end of October to mid-December. Tulips are more susceptible to disease than other bulbs and may be planted later. The depth of planting is about two to three times the bulb size in open field, but can be planted in smaller depth in pots. Don’t forget that tulip bulbs require good drainage so add grit to the soil if it has poor drainage.

Mixed border with tulips, daffodils, hyacinths
Mixed border with tulips, daffodils, hyacinths


The most common method is by separating offsets after lifting in summer, replanting next autumn and grow as a new tulip. The offsets may take 2 years before flowering.

Sow seeds in containers in a cold place in autumn. They can take more than 4 years before flowering.

Tulips pests and diseases

The most common problem with tulips is when they are planted in poor drainage conditions causing the bulbs to rot.

Tulips are also prone to aphids, tulip fire, slugs and stem and bulb eelworms.


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