About us

If you love plants, this place is for you!

Dear Plants is a startup project from a young couple who loves the art of gardening. We are passionate about what we do, we love plants and created a place to share our experiences and make our plants and seeds available to everyone.

dearplants.com - Butterfly in the Garden

Butterfly in the Garden

We love every season of the year, in winter, we can find the beauty in the cornus collorful stems, in spring the delight in many flowering shrubs and trees, in summer, the lavandas or junipers, reflecting the sun light or in the fall when each leave seems to turn into a flower. If you share this feeling about plants, you came to the right place. There are some chanels you can stay in touch, bookmark us on your browser, follow us in social networks or subscribe to our newsletter.

About our seeds

Our seeds are collected from trusted places so we can guarantee the species accuracy. We regularly test our seeds. The best way to prove the results is that many of our plants for sale are germinated from the same seeds we sell.

We only sell fresh seeds, we don’t keep seeds year over year. If you find an “out of stock” species that means that we sold all of our seeds and they will only be available in the next season.

About our plants

Our plants are propagated from different methods, it depends on the species itself. They are grown outside, the full year, so we can guarantee they are trully adapted to the outside world. We don’t have greenhouses. We only cultivate plants we know will do fine and will be fully hardy. That’s why you will not find interior plants on our catalog.

If you ordered during the autumn or winter you may find you received a plant that doesn’t look at its best. If it is a deciduous species, it may not even have leaves. Don’t worry, you did very well ordering during this period of the year! In this season the plants are tipically “sleeping”, waiting for the spring to come and reborn. This is the best time to plant them. And remember, the roots are the most important part. If the roots are good, the tops will grow healthy and beautiful!

Final thought

We hope that you enjoy this site and find valuable information about this passion. If we accomplish one of these, we are happy. Dear Plants is all about plants and gardening passion. Don’t hesitate to follow us and share this web site with your friends. Thank you!