Shipping and Delivery

We offer two types of shipping: Standard and Tracked. The Standard is cheaper but it does no include a tracking number and it usually takes more time to be delivered. Tracked option includes a tracking number, it takes less time on transit but is more expensive. Below you can find the shipping fees table.

We will deliver the products to the address you specify for delivery in your order.  It is important that this address is accurate. You also have the option to add notes to the delivery information. We cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage to the products once they have been delivered in accordance with your delivery instructions.

Shipping fees

Standard Tracked
Weight / Destination Europe Rest of World (ROW) Europe Rest of World (ROW)
< 20g 0,80€ 0,85€ 3,35€ 3,45€
20g – 50g 1,30€ 1,80€ 3,75€ 4,05€
50g – 100g 1,50€ 2,05€ 4,05€ 4,50€
100g – 250g 2,50€ 3,80€ 5,20€ 6,00€
250g – 500g 4,25€ 6,70€ 6,70€ 9,35€
500g – 1kg 7,20€ 13,50€ 9,90€ 17,10€
1kg – 2kg 12,30€ 20,50€ 16,00€ 25,20€



We will aim to deliver within the time frame described below but delivery times are not guaranteed. If delivery is delayed due to any cause beyond our reasonable control, we will contact you to advise you that the delivery date will have to be extended.

Delivery of seeds orders

We send seeds to all countries in the world. By default, seeds orders are dispatched in the following business day.

Delivery of plant orders

Plants are only delivered to the EU countries presented in the following list.

Aland Islands Albania Andorra Austria
Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria
Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Faroe Islands (Denmark) Finland France
Germany Gibraltar Great Britain Greece
Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy
Kosovo Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Macedonia Malta Moldova Montenegro
Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal
Romania Russian Federation San Marino (Italy) Serbia
Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden
Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Vatican (Italy)

By default, plant orders are dispatched in the following business day. In peaks of work, it may take 2 business days.

Estimate delivery duration

The following table presents indicative delivery duration times in business days. The delivery duration is out of our control and can exceed these indicative times.

Standard Tracked
Destination Europe Rest of World (ROW) Europe Rest of World (ROW)
Delivery duration 3 to 5 days 5 to 7 days 2 to 3 days 3 to 5 days


Please take in consideration that we cannot guarantee the entry of our products in the destination country customs.