How to Plant

You’ve recently received plants from us and want to know how to plant them? Or perhaps you bought some plants somewhere else. You came to the right place.

If you ordered during the autumn or winter you may find you received a plant that doesn’t look at its best. If it is a deciduous species, may not even have leaves. Don’t worry, you did very well ordering during this period of the year! In this season the plants are typically “sleeping”, waiting for the spring to come and reborn. This is the best time to plant them! And remember, the roots are the most important part. If the roots are good, the tops will grow healthy and beautiful!

In this page we provide general instructions on how to plant your new dear plants.

Before we begin

We don’t have greenhouses, so all our plants are fully hardy and they stay outside all through the year. This ensures that a minimum impact is expected when you plant them in your garden.

You should never plant them during hot dry weather or in waterlogged or icy ground. If you can’t plant them at the time of receive, store the plants in a sheltered place from sunshine, wind and snow and keep them watered. Plant them when the conditions improve.

How to plant in pots

Many plants will do great in pots. Although they don’t grow to their full size, there are some species that make a wonderful subject for pot planting. The procedure is basically the same as the one described for plant in the soil, but there are some particularities as explained below:

  1. Chose the pot. This is of major importance. You need to choose a pot that has big drainage holes otherwise the excess water will turn the soil soggy and that will kill the plant;
  2. Prepare the potting soil. Use a generic potting soil that is commercially available or prepare your own. You can mix peat, coarse sand or pine bark and a some compost from your compost bin. Just make sure to mix it all very well and the result is a fluffy well drained soil;

    commercial universal potting soil
    Commercial universal potting soil
  3. Prepare the plant. If the plant is in pot, you may need to lose some roots on the drainage holes and give the sides of the pot a little squeeze. Then, gently pull the plant. With a shovel or a stick lose the outside roots that maybe circling around the pot and in the bottom, but you don’t need to go too further into the root ball. If it is a bare root plant, the plant is ready to be planted in the new place;

    How to plant - Prepare the plant loosen the root ball
    Prepare the plant loosen the root ball
  4. Plant it. Fill ⅓ of the pot and place the plant in the middle. Fill in around the plant and gently press to soil so there is no air pockets. leave a margin to the top of the pot to facilitate the watering;

    How to plant - Fill in the pot
    Fill in the pot
  5. Water the plant. Use a watering can or something that simulates a thin rain and thoroughly water the plant until the excess water goes out from the drainage holes. Place the pot in an appropriate place and water regularly. Don’t let the soil to completely dry but also, don’t let it to remain soggy.

    How to plant - Watering the plant
    Watering the plant
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