How to Plant

How to plant in the soil

The moment to plant your new dear friend has arrived. First you need to choose the right place to it. You need to understand the plant’s needs about light and soil. This is something you should have studied before the purchase. So let’s begin:

  1. Water the plant. If the plant is in pot, you can put it for a while inside a water bucket so the water penetrates the root ball. If it is a bare root plant, you can spray the roots to keep them wet while you prepare the hole. Do not remove the soil that might be stuck in the roots;
  2. Dig a hole. Dig a hole a little deeper and about twice as wide as the plant’s root ball. You should plant almost at the same deep as it was originally but you should consider a little space above to cover the root ball with a thin layer of ground. If the soil drains well (which is truly recommended) you can also let a small pit for the water;
  3. Prepare the plant. If the plant is in pot, you may need to lose some roots on the drainage holes and give the sides of the pot a little squeeze. Then, gently pull the plant. With a shovel or a stick lose the outside roots that maybe circling around the pot and in the bottom, but you don’t need to go too further into the root ball. If it is a bare root plant, the plant is ready to be planted in the new place;
  4. Plant it. Lay the plant in the middle of the hole. Assure it is in the right level and fill the hole with soil. Gently press the ground against the plant to eliminate any air pocket and to guarantee it is secure. You can put a small amount of soil on top of the soot ball, this will amount of water that will evaporate. You can also let a hedge to facilitate the watering;
  5. Water the plant. After you are done with planting, you need to thoroughly water the plant. Use a watering can or something that simulates a thin rain. Depending on the weather, plant and soil you may need to water it frequently, don’t forget it.


When planting, make sure that the soil drains well, this is of utmost importance. Then, just guarantee that your are placing the plant in a proper site to that species and you appropriately water it. If you follow this simple rules, you will be successfully the great majority of times.

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