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    Dahlia is a genus of about 30 species and 20000 cultivars usually tuberous-rooted perennials. They are native to mountainous areas of Central America. They have mid to dark green leaves 20-50cm (8-20in) long. Dahlias are popular for they flowerheads that grow in a variety of forms and colors. They can be white, yellow, orange, red, […]

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  • How to create a low maintenance garden - ideas - dearplants.com

    How to create a low maintenance garden

    Although we all love to work in the garden we also want to spend more time enjoying it. We can achieve that creating a low maintenance garden. This article includes six tips on how to plant a garden that will save you time and looks great. 1. Plant perennials Plants like daisies, day lilies and […]

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  • How to plant tulips - Tulipa (Tulip)

    Tulipa (Tulip)

    Tulips are bulbous perennials usually found in hot, dry habitats, from sea level to alpine areas in temperate Europe, Middle East and Asia. Tulips are valued in beds and borders but also in pots for their brilliant colors. This is one of the most cultivated bulbs worldwide. How to deadhead, lift and store Tulip bulbs […]

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  • Gardening jobs for March. What to do - dearplants.com

    Gardening jobs for March. What to do?

    Spring flowers should now be brightening the garden. Spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils, hyacinths, crocus and others give the first colors of the season. Also early shrubs like chaenomeles and forsythias give some blushes of color with their bright flowers. Cherries and Magnolias are the first trees to wake up for the season that is […]

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