• How to propagate lavender by semi-ripe cuttings

    How to propagate lavender by semi-ripe cuttings

    Many evergreens as many deciduous plants may be propagated by semi-ripe cuttings. This is a great way to increase your plant stock for free. These cuttings are usually taken from mid-summer to early autumn. Select shoots from this season’s growth that are hard and woody in the base but soft in the at the tip. […]

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  • How to create a low maintenance garden - ideas - dearplants.com

    How to create a low maintenance garden

    Although we all love to work in the garden we also want to spend more time enjoying it. We can achieve that creating a low maintenance garden. This article includes six tips on how to plant a garden that will save you time and looks great. 1. Plant perennials Plants like daisies, day lilies and […]

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  • How to plant flower bulbs in pots - dearplants.com

    How to plant flower bulbs in pots

    Planting bulbs in pots allows each plant to be grown in the best conditions for its individual requirements. The pots are easily moved from outdoors to shelter or greenhouses when needed, or from the shelter to the place where they can be mostly appreciated. This is also a perfect solution for small places where we […]

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  • Gardening in October. What to do

    Gardening in October. What to do?

    In October the temperatures are going down and the leaves start to fall from deciduous plants. Besides the time you should take enjoying the autumn colors, here are some tasks we need to do during October. One of the major tasks is cleaning the leaves that may be over evergreens and raking them from the […]

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  • How to plant alliums - www.dearplants.com

    How to plant alliums

    Allium is a group of plants that include many ornamental plants with attractive flower heads and also several well known edible plants such as garlic and onions. The ornamental alliums are of great value in the garden displaying globe flower heads in spring and early summer. They are good as cut flowers and can also […]

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  • Anemone blanda (Winter windflower) - How to plant - www.dearplants.com

    Anemone blanda (Winter windflower)

    Anemone blanda (Winter windflower) is a compact rhizomatous perennial that are cultivated by their 3 to 4cm flowers. The flowers can be blue, pink or white blooming in spring. Winter windflower leaves are toothed dark green. It grows to 15cm high and quicky forms large clumps. How to plant Anemone blanda (Winter windflower) It should […]

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  • Sedum spectabile (Stonecrop) - how to plant - www.dearplants.com

    Sedum spectabile (Stonecrop)

    Sedum spectabile (Stonecrop) are succulent clump forming herbaceous perennials. From late summer until late autumn they bear heads of small star-shaped flowers making it a perfect plant to attract butterflies to the garden. How to plant Sedum spectabile (Stonecrop) Grow Sedum in full sun positions. They prefer fertile, well drained soil. As they have succulent […]

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  • Alchemilla mollis (lady's mantle) - how to plant

    Alchemilla mollis (lady’s mantle)

    Alchemilla mollis (lady’s mantle) is a vigorous clump forming herbaceous perennial. It features looses clusters of little greenish-yellow flowers from early summer to autumn. How to plant Lady’s mantle will tolerate almost any type of soil and lightning. It prefers humus-rich soil. An ideal site for Alchemilla mollis is the front of an herbaceous border. […]

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