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How to plant Indian shot, Canna lily (Canna indica) - 0

Indian shot (Canna indica)

Indian shot (Canna indica) also known as Canna lily is cultivated both for its dramatic foliage and for its exuberant flowers. Despite their name, these Cannas are originally from South America. Here we will...

Dahlia 'Mystery day' - 0

Dahlia ‘Mystery day’

Dahlia Mystery day produces white flowers with a deep red center almost purple. This dahlia is an unexpected surprise in the garden and nobody passes indifferent to its effect. The flowers reach a size...

Dahlia 'Star's Favourite' - 0

Dahlia ‘Star’s Favourite’

Dahlia Star’s Favourite produces flowers that can be 15 to 20 cm in diameter. The petals are soft pink and fade to white inside the flower where they also have shades of yellow in...