Gardening in November. What to do?

In November there’s still plenty of color in the garden if the weather has been gentle. The peak of autumn color is usually October, but this can vary some weeks from year to year. This is the month when most plants become dormant and plant growth shuts down for the winter.

Continue to clear the fallen leaves so the plants under them are not damaged. Don’t forget to add them to the compost bin. If you don’t have a bin, just put them in a big plastic bag opened so the air, light and rain can rot them. Hide the bags in a corner of the garden.

Gardening in November. What to do - fall leaves in plastic bags -
Collect fallen leaves in plastic bags

Plant new roses, shrubs and trees

November is a good month to plant new roses, shrubs and trees. This is a good time to check your notebook and see if you planned plant moves and switches prior in the year. This is a good time to move things around.

Bare root shrubs and trees are now available to be ordered and planted during the dormant season (usually from November to March). They are cheaper than container plants and easier to order online and post. When we send plants, we ensure that they are carefully lifted from the pot and are sent with the maximum possible roots. They are wrapped in a moist organic material so they have all they need for the travel. To plant them, dig a hole large enough to fit the roots. Plant the tree or shrub at the same depth it was planted before. Gently put and press the soil around the roots and make sure there are no air pockets. Stake the plant so it is not moved by the wind and water it.

Get ready for next year with new seeds and plants

The days are smaller now, people get inside earlier as the night fall. This is a great time to seat in the couch and search seed and plant catalogs for new ideas for the next season. Browse dear plants shop, maybe you find something for a new project in your garden.

Propagating plants in November

This is a good month for hardwood cuttings. They are probably the most easy way to propagate plants. They don’t require any special treatment, just take them, plant them and they will be fine outside unprotected. There are plenty of time to take hardwood cuttings during the cold months. The cutting taken last autumn should have rooted by now and they can be lifted and planted in the definite place by now.


Gardening in November. What to do - Pruning deciduous -
Pruning deciduous trees and shrubs

Begin winter pruning in deciduous trees and shrubs. Remember to prune what is strictly necessary (dead wood, diseased or damaged), as the wounds will be an entry point for diseases and the excess prune will weaken the plant. Before you prune for the aesthetics of the plant, consider what you want to achieve and where the new growth will appear. For major works, look to the plant from different angles to give you a better idea of the changes.



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