Other characteristic: Drought resistant

Butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii) 0

Butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii)

Most Buddlejas reach about 3m in height. They are bushes with an arched and disordered habit. They are very tolerant in terms of growing conditions, despite enjoying a lot of sun and well-drained soil....

How to plant Cynara cardunculus (Globe artichoke) - www.dearplants.com 0

Globe artichoke (Cynara cardunculus)

How to plant and grow Cynara cardunculus (Globe artichoke) Artichoke is a cultivated plant originated from wild card from the Mediterranean region, having been selected for the production of large inflorescences. These have a...

Sedum spectabile (Stonecrop) - how to plant - www.dearplants.com 0

Stonecrop (Sedum spectabile)

Sedum spectabile (Stonecrop) are succulent clump forming herbaceous perennials. From late summer until late autumn they bear heads of small star-shaped flowers making it a perfect plant to attract butterflies to the garden. How...