Garden type: Japanese Garden

Katsura tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) - Fresh green leaves in Spring 0

Katsura tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum)

Cercidiphyllum japonicum, known as Katsura tree, is a deciduous tree that can reach 20m in height and 15m in width. The leaves of this tree are bronze in color when young, turning green and...

Magnolia 0


Magnolia is known by its very large flowers in the middle or end of winter before leaf emergence. The contrast between its beautiful flowers and the gray stem is splendid. Magnolia grandiflora, the most...

Cornus kousa (Kousa Dogwood) flowers 0

Kousa Dogwood (Cornus kousa)

Cornus kousa (Kousa Dogwood) is a awesome small tree. It has two main seasons of interest, summer and autumn. In the beginning of summer it produces lovely creamy-white flowers (in fact they are bracts). In...