How to divide and plant crocosmia previously started in a pot

The typical way of planting crocosmia is to plant the bulbs directly in the border or in the place you want them to grow.
In this guide we will show step by step how to divide and plant crocosmia previously started in a pot.

We found some lost bulbs in a bag in our garage (who never forget a pack of seeds or bulbs? ihih) and just started them in a growing pot because we didn’t even know if they will be reliable.
As you can see, they grown well and are ready to be divided and planted in the ground.

First we dig a hole in the place we want to plant larger than the roots.

Then we take the root ball from the pot and with a spade, we cut the ball in parts.

Plant the clump in the hole and fill it with soil pressing it smoothly so the soil fills any air pockets.

Water it well and wait for the summer days to enjoy your crocosmia flowers.

What’s your favorite crocosmia? Do you find it invasive? Let us know in the comments area below…

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