How to get poinsettia plants to bloom again

Poinsettias are much appreciated during Christmas time. If you missed it, here is our full guide about poinsettia plants.

Poinsettias are often thrown to the compost bin when they start to fade, but it is possible to cultivate them all year and have colorful bracts again the following years. They are usually disappointing in the second year, but this step by step article can guide you to get a good display from them again and again.

In April

Prune back the plant hard to about 10cm (4in) and keep at a temperature of 13°C.

In early May

Repot it in a well draining compost. Keep it in a light cool place over summer at temperatures rounding 15 to 18°C (60 to 65°F).

From November onwards

Start forcing short daylight as this will initiate the bracts coloring. Put the plant in a dark room after twelve hours of daylight and protect it from artificial light sources.

December and January

Poinsettia is at its best.

Finally: To color up well Poinsettias need a constant temperature of around 18°C, keep this in mind.

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