How to grow bay leaf tree from seed (Laurus nobilis)

Laurel is a shrub or small tree native to the Mediterranean region. In this article we will explain how to grow bay leaf tree from seed (Laurus nobilis).

Laurus nobilis leaves are much appreciated as spice in Mediterranean cuisine as well as the branches that are often used to do barbecue sticks giving extra taste to meats.

Bay leaf can grow to a small tree but as it is also very tolerant to pruning it is a perfect plant for pots. Training into topiary shapes also look great with the tree’s glossy green foliage. In the spring, white-green flowers bloom followed by small, purplish-black, oval berries that contain a single seed.

You can find here the Laurus nobilis (bay tree) species guide.

Bay tree is very easy to grow from seed. The seeds usually don’t need any stratification or special care and should be sown as soon as possible.

In fact, here in our place, the bay seedlings are almost a plague. They are native so they germinate easily.
The pictures below show the ground around the tree from where we collect our seeds. Can you believe how many plants we have!? Great quality seeds we have!

How to grow bay leaf tree from seed (Laurus nobilis) - growing in the ground
Laurus nobilis germinating and growing in the ground


How to grow bay leaf tree from seed (Laurus nobilis) - Dozens of laurel seedlings
Dozens of laurel seedlings

When we want to reproduce bay leaf tree, we follow the basics of seed germination, meaning, we use a lightweight soil that drains well and keep the soil moist.

How to grow bay leaf tree from seed (Laurus nobilis) - germinated seed
Laurus nobilis germinated seed
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  1. Rommel Sagun

    Can you send some seeds to the Philippines? i’d like to test them if they would survive in our climate.

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