How to plant alliums

Fill half the pot with compost. We are using a general purpose compost mixed with coarse sand. We planted the bigger bulbs of Allium gladiator deeper.

How to plant alliums - allium gladiator planted -
Allium gladiator planted

Then cover with a layer of compost and planted the 5 mixed bulbs.

How to plant alliums - mixed allium bulbs poted -

Another layer of compost and, finally the smaller bulbs of Allium sphaerocephalon near the surface.

How to plant alliums - allium sphaerocephalon planted in pot -
Allium sphaerocephalon planted in pot

Cover with a last layer of compost and you are done. We can’t wait to see the result…

If you are looking for more about alliums, here is a great article by Graham Clarke we encourage you to read: Alliums! All about Allium Bulbs

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