Anthurium andraeanum (Tail flower or Flamingo flower)

Anthurium andraeanum (Tail flower or Flamingo flower) is a tropical plant that has heart-shaped leaves from 18 to 40 cm in length and 9 to 20 cm in width. Its inflorescences are composed of spathes which generally has a bright color, and a spadix that contains a large number of tiny flowers.
The spathe is usually in shades of red, pink, white or green, but there are a few other colors. Spathes can also be variegated.

Common name: Tail flower, Flamingo flower, Flamingo flower
Scientific name: Anthurium andraeanum
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Anthurium is a plant suitable for cultivation in pots, which can be kept in places without direct sunlight, as long as there is good natural lighting, including the interior of houses and apartments.

Anthurium andraeanum (Tail flower or Flamingo flower) - white anthuriums house plants -

As inflorescences are appreciated in flower arrangements and normally last for at least two weeks, anthurium is widely grown plant to supply the flower market.


South America (Ecuador and Colombia).


It grows well in the temperature range from 15°C to 32°C, and grows best under high relative humidity conditions. Anthurium cannot withstand very low temperatures.


Partial shade.

Anthurium andraeanum (Tail flower or Flamingo flower) - Anthuriums under planting trees and shrubs -


The soil must always remain moist, but not soaked. In places where the relative humidity is low, for instance if you grow it indoors, the plant will benefit from sprinkling water one or more times a day.

Anthurium andraeanum (Tail flower or Flamingo flower) - flamigo flower -


Plant in a well-drained, light, fertile soil, rich in organic matter and with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5.

Flowering season

Under proper conditions, anthurium can bloom all year round.

Anthurium andraeanum (Tail flower or Flamingo flower) - red anthuriums-

Cultivation cycle

Anthuriums are perennial plants.


By division of well-developed plants that have several stems. Each part of the division must contain roots, stem and leaves.

It is also possible to use pieces of plant stems that have aerial roots. Cut the stem into pieces that contain at least two aerial roots and plant them in moist soil.

Anthurium andraeanum (Tail flower or Flamingo flower) - white -

By seeds, which should be sown as soon as they are harvested. The seeds must be spread superficially in a soil composed of sand and Sphagnum. Sow in a tray that must be covered with plastic to keep the humidity and must be kept in a warm place. Seedling growth is slow and it may take several years for a plant from a seed to start flowering.

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