How to propagate berberis by cuttings (Japanese barberry)

One year after the cuttings were taken they are ready to be potted individually.  We usually plant 4 to 5 cuttings in each square pot. You see how neglected they look? It’s just the way we do, keep it simple and the hardwood cuttings will be fine.

Rooted cuttings after one growing season

They developed good roots during the growing season. Look at this yellow roots.

How-to-propagate-berberis-by-cuttings-barberry-perfect roots
Well rooted cuttings

During the first year, the most important thing the plant does is growing roots. They will be focus their energy in that and grow the minimum leaves and branches.

How-to-propagate-berberis-by-cuttings-barberry- new roots
Rooted cutting ready to be planted individually

Now it is time to pot them individually. We easily separate the cuttings and pot them in small containers so they can start growing pretty well from now on. In the second growing season they will grow vigorously as we keep them fed and well watered.


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