Hyacinthus orientalis (Hyacinth)

Hyacinthus orientalis (Hyacinth) is a bulbous plant that features beautiful flowering in the spring.
The inflorescence is erect and simple, cylindrical in shape, with numerous flowers durable and very fragrant, pink, blue, white, red, orange or yellow.
There are more than 60 varieties of hyacinths available.

Common name: Hyacinth
Scientific name: Hyacinthus orientalis
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How to plant hyacinths

Hyacinths are plants that require careful handling and a correct period of cold, as well as tulips and daffodils.
They should be planted in the fall, so that the bulbs remain during the winter in the cool and the cold, only to appear as first leaves and a floral stem grows in the spring.

We have a dedicated article showing how to plant hyacinths step by step.

After flowering, cut the flower and await as the leaves turns yellow and fade out. Then you can remove the bulbs and store them in a dry and cool place until next fall.

Hyacinthus orientalis (Hyacinth) as a cut flower

Hyacinths have their beauty highlighted in pots and containers or in extensive monochromatic borders in the garden.
Its exuberant and classic beauty combines with other bulbous plants that bloom in the same period.It is usual to force the flowering, in soil or in the special glass vessels, that allow a fast flowering. It is also used as a cut flower.

They should be cultivated under diffused light or half shade at the beginning of budding.
After flowering the leaves should be left to produce and accumulate in the bulb the energy necessary for the next season.
The soil must be light, well drained and enriched with organic matter, with regular watering during the vegetative period. Does not tolerate excessive heat or excessive water.

Hyacinthus orientalis (Hyacinth) in a broder with tulips and other bulbs
Hyacinthus orientalis (Hyacinth) in a broder with tulips and other bulbous plants


Propagation by offset bulbs that grow around the mother plant.

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