Pennisetum advena ‘Rubrum’ (Fountain grass ‘Rubrum’)

Pennisetum advena ‘Rubrum’ (Fountain grass ‘Rubrum’) is a grass of great leaf density and very ornamental inflorescences.
The leaves are long and reddish or purple. Flowers are gathered in cylindrical, feathery inflorescences that are pink with red and brown tones when ripen.

Common name: Fountain grass 'Rubrum'
Scientific name: Pennisetum advena 'Rubrum'
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Its landscaping effect is very special and can be grown in borders or beds, but they are also very effective when planted in pots. This is a plant that brings a lot of movement to the garden when the wind passes through its leaves and feathers.
It is very suitable for rock gardens and low maintenance due to its drought tolerance. It is recommended for erosion control.

How to plant Pennisetum advena 'Rubrum' (Fountain grass 'Rubrum')
Pennisetum advena ‘Rubrum’ (Fountain grass ‘Rubrum’) feather

They should be grown in full sun, tolerating partial shade. They prefer poor dry soils. They sprout vigorously after drastic pruning, heavy frosts and even burning.
Multiply by dividing clumps and seeds from fertile varieties.

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