Seed germination guide

Trays and pots

We use seed trays for smaller seeds and small individual pots for bigger seeds. Hygiene is very important, always use new containers or clean them very well with a little bleach dilluted in water before use.


The compost has the greatest importance in the whole process, it is the bed where the seeds need to feel comfortable to grow. The golden rule for the compost is, do not allow it to be too dry or with too much water. It should be a slightly moist, fluffy and airy mixture (think of a cake, it can not be dry or slurried). We recommend to sow all the seeds in a proper compost for seed germination. You can find these quality composts for seed germination in garden centers.

Sowing in trays (smaller seeds)

Fill the tray almost to the border. Place the seeds as if they have fallen from the tree. If they have wings like Acer seeds, place the “head” down against the compost and the wing/tail up. You should lightly burry the seeds because they are small. You can also add a thin layer of compost over the seeds just to prevent them to dry or be moved by the wind or something else.

Sowing in individual pots (bigger seeds)

For bigger seeds like the ones of Ginkgos, oaks and others we ussually use individual pots. This is because they are also very much reliable and the success rate much bigger. Usually, the bigger the seeds are, the most reliable they are. Fill 3/4 of the pot, place the seed in the middle and cover it with more soil. It can’t be more simple.


After sowing, the seeds need to be watered. Use a watering can or other device that softly allows you to water the containers without moving the seeds. Water then until there is water coming out from the holes in the bottom of the container.

The tray or container should be labelled and placed in a place without direct sunlight, without wind or rain. A garage is a great place to keep them until they are born. To keep the compost and the atmosphere moist, you can cover the tray with a plastic sheet or even put the tray inside a plastic bag.

When the seeds are born, they will be very delicate. Never soak the soil with water or allow it to dry. As said, soil moisture is the most difficult and critical point in the whole process. As soon as there are small plants coming out, you should put the tray exposed to light, but avoid the direct rays of sun that can burn and kill them.

We hope this sowing guide can help you accomplish the best results. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or suggestions about it.

Seed germination guide - baby plants
Seed germination guide – baby plants
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