Tulipa (Tulip)

Tulips are bulbous perennials usually found in hot, dry habitats, from sea level to alpine areas in temperate Europe, Middle East and Asia. Tulips are valued in beds and borders but also in pots for their brilliant colors. This is one of the most cultivated bulbs worldwide.

Common name: Tulip
Scientific name: Tulipa, Tulipa
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Tulipa (Tulip) flower color palette
Tulip flower color palette

How to deadhead, lift and store Tulip bulbs

Tulips show their glory usually during April and May. When the flowers start to fade out, cut them. The foliage must remain intact for at least 6 weeks after the last flower. This will give plenty of time to the leafs feed in the bulb for the next year flowering. If you need to move them before this 6 weeks period, because you need to plant the border or you need the pots, you can lift the bulbs with a fork getting as much soil as possible. Then heel them in a corner of the garden. Dig a shallow trench and place the bulbs with the foliage above soil. Cover them and lift only when the foliage has died back. Then place them in an open box and let them dry in a shady place. They must be stored in a dark, dry and fresh place until it is time to plant again, next autumn.

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