Urban Gardens

Today’s city gardens has a major role providing a place for relaxation, play and entertaining. As the high prices of land has reduced the size of urban gardens, new concepts and ideas has emerged for small spaces.

There are several approaches for this style, but a most urban gardens are treated as functional spaces that offer a private escape or retreat to the city life.

The planting in small urban gardens is usually simplified, using low maintenance plants most of them suitable for potting. It is also a good idea to add mature plants to give immediate visual impact to the garden. Vertical gardens are also excellent choices to cover walls and earn some floor space.

Modern urban gardens should be planned to accommodate several family activities, such as children play and recreation, family meals and relaxing. Hard-landscaping materials will define the areas where garden furniture can be placed for each objective. The plants will soften the boundaries. Don’t forget the lighting as the garden can play a major role even after-hours.

Key elements in city or urban gardens design

  1. Sculptural furniture: why don’t we use “fashion furniture” where the usability and the art are together? This gives charm to the garden;
  2. Stylish materials: stylish furniture, stylish materials, there are several options form glass to steel and concrete to create a modern space;
  3. Dramatic containers: Concrete or steel pots are often used to create effect;
  4. Lighting: Use LED lighting solutions to create ambience.
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Urban gardens
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