Country Gardens

People living in cities always dreamed of a country garden. Today, with the ease of commuting, the dream become a reality for many.

The main layout of country gardens include a rectilinear design near the house and informality as you walk through the garden. Planting reflects this characteristic and tends to be more formal around the house and more natural towards the boundaries of the garden.

Around the house, the paving is usually done using natural stone or brick. Gravel and grass paths are used in the most distant areas.

Garden styles - Country gardens
Garden styles – Country gardens

Views are enhanced and exploited using seats, pergolas, ornamental pools and sculptures. The designer challenge is to bring all these elements together to create an harmonious composition. The geometry that usually dominates around the house are then dissolute as the visitor walks through the garden, enhancing the change from man-made features to natural display.

These areas are linked through paths that reflect this change and the views are created to allow the visitors to rest and relax.


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