Gift ideas for gardeners, a list of great presents

Everyone has a friend who loves plants and gardening, and what best can be given than something related to the passion of the person? In this article you will find a list of great presents and gift ideas for gardeners to help you choose the right present.

  • Pruners

Every gardener need a good pair of pruners to help with their trees, shrubs and all other plants pruning.
Some of the best gifts are the ones we can use. You will hit the point if you offer such a gardening tool.

Gift ideas for gardeners, a list of great presents - pruners -

  • Tools Belt

To carry pruners and other tools, seed packets, notepad or even a water bottle, nothing better than a tools belt.
It frees up your hands to work and carry pots, compost, plants, etc.

  • Boots

Continuing on the practical side of gardening, a pair of boots is a great option gift you can give a gardener.
They’ll be worn everyday outside keeping the foots dry and warm.

Gift ideas for gardeners, a list of great presents - gardening boots -

  • Seeds Box

A fancy seeds box is a perfect gift for a gardener. They exist in several materials: wood, steel and plastic, and in different shapes and sizes.
Know the needs and chose what suits best your friend gardener. You can even do it yourself and fill it with a selection of wonderful seeds from us.

  • Seed Starting Kit

Every gardener likes to grow something from seed. A seed kit to help them get right into it can be the perfect gift.

  • Gloves

Every gardener needs a pair of gloves for keeping the hands clean when working outdoors.
They are also good for protecting the hands from thorns, or from getting infectious cuts.

Gift ideas for gardeners, a list of great presents - pair of gloves -

  • Small plant pots

Give your plant-loving friends something special like some beautiful small plant pots for indoor display. They are perfect for succulents and cacti.

Gift ideas for gardeners, a list of great presents - succulents pots -

  • Bird feeder

Preserving and attracting wildlife to the garden is something every gardener aims.
Feeding the birds specially in winter months is a part of it and beautiful bird feeder can be the gift your friend is looking for.

Gift ideas for gardeners, a list of great presents - birds feeder -

  • Elevated Planter Box

An elevated planter box at the perfect height eliminates the need to stoop, bend, kneel and reach, its easy growing.
It is also perfect for patios and balconies where the soil is limited or nonexistent.

  • Books like RHS encyclopedia of gardening

Every gardener has a great library. Books dedicated to propagation, garden design, plant catalog, etc. is always a great gift.
RHS is the world’s finest and most authoritative source of gardening tips and advice and have a huge list of books that range all needs from amateur gardeners to professionals. If you are on a budget, you may find this site of second hand books a great source for the library:

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