How to create a low maintenance garden

Although we all love to work in the garden we also want to spend more time enjoying it. We can achieve that creating a low maintenance garden. This article includes six tips on how to plant a garden that will save you time and looks great.

1. Plant perennials

Plants like daisies, day lilies and peonies grow year after year. It means that you don’t have to re-plant the garden every spring. You plant once and enjoy it for many years.

2. Choose plants that need little watering

You will save water, that means time and money, by focusing on plants that don’t require much moisture and grouping plants with similar watering needs.
There is a large group of such plants that include day lilies, aromatic plants and ornamental grasses. They’re perfect for areas that are drought prone or water restricted. If your buying plants, look for the needs in advance.

3. Mulch

Related to the previous point, mulch retains soil moisture, it stops weeds, prevents erosion and as it breaks down it releases nutrients into the soil.
And as a bonus mulch also makes the garden shine.

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