How to create a low maintenance garden

4. Choose native plants

No matter where you live there are plants adapted to your soil and weather. They are called natives. For example, if you live in an area that used to be prairie then prairie natives like Echinaceas will work well in your garden. Look to the flora in your region and identify plant families that will work easier with less time.

Poppy garden -
Poppy garden

5. Group similar species

Plant together groups of species with similar needs. For instance, group begonias and hostas because both like moist soil and shady positions. I would be a mistake trying to combining them with plants that like sunnier positions and dry soil.

6. Use an irrigation system

Irrigation systems are an easy way to water your plants without having to walk around with watering cans or hoses. Irrigation systems link up to your watering hose and they lay on the ground delivering water when plants need. Irrigation systems are easy to install and you can even hook them up to a timer to make the job even simpler. If you love your garden but are short on time these low maintenance tips will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Do you know any missing tip? Please tell us about, we would love to test it and increase the list.

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