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How to plant Cynara cardunculus (Globe artichoke) - www.dearplants.com 0

Globe artichoke (Cynara cardunculus)

How to plant and grow Cynara cardunculus (Globe artichoke) Artichoke is a cultivated plant originated from wild card from the Mediterranean region, having been selected for the production of large inflorescences. These have a...

Lavatera trimestris (Royal mallow) - flowers - www.dearplants.com 0

Royal mallow (Lavatera trimestris)

Lavatera trimestris (Royal mallow) has a relatively short life cycle, rapidly growing and producing large flowers approximately 10 cm in diameter. There are cultivars with flowers in various shades of pink and with white...

Zinnia elegans (Zinnia) - Zinnia collorful composition in the border - www.dearplants.com 0

Zinnia elegans (Zinnia)

Zinnia is an annual plant that presents a variety of cultivars, ranging from small plants 15 cm high to plants measuring almost 1 m. Inflorescences can be of a wide range of colors and...