Acer buergerianum (Trident maple)

Acer buergerianum (Trident maple) is a small to medium-sized deciduous tree that can reach a height of 5–20m. The leaves are the major attraction of trident maples. They turn into warm colors in autumn, a palette that goes gold yellow, orange and red. They have three lobes, are in opposite pairs and during spring and summer are glossy dark green above and paler below.

Common name: Trident maple
Scientific name: Acer buergerianum
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The flowers are produced in spring, yellow-green, in pendulous corymbs and insignificant from the point of view of attraction. The fruit is a samara with two winged seed.


Trident maple is widely grown in temperate regions as an ornamental tree. Its size and shape is very appreciated for small gardens. Can be planted in several types of conditions, like well drained soil but needs moisture during hot summer. It is believed that sunny positions in warm summers produce the best autumn colors.


Trident maple is a popular subject for bonsai artists. It responds well to branch and root pruning techniques that create small leaves and ramifications giving proportion to miniature trees.

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