Japanese flowering quince (Chaenomeles japonica)

Chaenomeles japonica (Japanese flowering quince)
Chaenomeles japonica (Japanese flowering quince)

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  1. Anna Snedker says:

    Maintaining an even temperature and humidity are crucial for propagating flowering quince via stem cuttings. Temperature also plays a big part in growing this plant from seeds. Once flowering quince is established, though, the plant is quite forgiving of a wide range of temperature and humidity levels. This shrub is quite cold hardy, tolerating temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees F. Feed flowering quince with a slow-release, all-purpose fertilizer in early spring before new growth occurs, or apply compost as a  soil amendment. Scatter the fertilizer carefully on the soil around the plant; do not let it touch the foliage, as it can scorch the leaves. Follow with a deep watering to distribute the fertilizer around the roots.

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