Magnolia (Magnolia)

Magnolia is known by its very large flowers in the middle or end of winter before leaf emergence. The contrast between its beautiful flowers and the gray stem is splendid. Magnolia grandiflora, the most commonly grown evergreen flowers from summer until early autumn. The flowers are followed by cones from which bright red seeds emerge in autumn.

In landscaping Magnolias are used alone or in groups, integrating very well in oriental or European garden styles.

Common name: Magnolia, Magnolia
Scientific name: Magnolia
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How to plant

Magnolia should always be cultivated under full sun to give the best growth and flowering. Plant in fertile and well drained soils. Regular watering is indicated in the first year and in dry seasons. It appreciates the mild climate, being indicated for the colder places where its flowering is more abundant.

Magnolia flowers
Magnolia flowers


Magnolias can be propagated by air layering.
Although not very easy, deciduous magnolias can also be propagated by softwood cuttings and evergreen magnolias by semi-ripe cuttings in late summer and early autumn.
Propagation by seed is also possible but the trees will take at least 10 years to flower.

Evergreen Magnolia flower
Evergreen Magnolia flower


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